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Twitter tip: How to save time and increase engagement with Twitter lists.

You can do this straight from your Twitter account.

July 18, 2017

Your daily 10-minute social media routine can easily turn into a few hours. In the post we look at how using Twitter lists can save you time and build stronger relationships.

What are Twitter lists?

When you follow people  and businesses on Twitter they are all lumped into one big list, something a bit like this:

Salt Marketing Twitter dashboard - following

This is fine to manage if you’re following under 50 accounts. But, when you start following more Twitter accounts then it becomes easy to lose people, particularly those who tweet less often, as they disappear in your timeline.

There’s little point in following people if you’re not interested in what they have to say. This is where Twitter lists come in as it’s easier to manage your list if you break it up into manageable chunks.

How to create a Twitter list.

It’s easy enough to create a Twitter list.  Simply go to your profile home page and on the horizontal menu, you’ll see ‘lists’. Just click on here.

Salt Marketing Twitter profile
Go to your Twitter profile and select ‘lists’.

Once you’re in there you’ll see something like this:

Salt Marketing Twitter Create List
Select ‘create a list’ to get started with your new Twitter list.

Select ‘create a list’ to the right-hand side and a pop-up will appear, asking you for some information.

Have a think about what lists you wish to create. I have lists for clients, local businesses, partner businesses and industry commentators. I keep these lists private, so only I know who is on them.

Create new Twitter list
Complete the list details.

Click on ‘save list’.

Next, go into your contacts and select and account. Click on the three dots next to their name, select, ‘add or remove from list’, choose the list and the job is done.

Salt Marketing Add to Twitter list
Add or remove from Twitter List.

Navigating back to your ‘lists’ page you can:

  • Add to or remove people from lists
  • Create new lists
  • Delete lists
  • See what lists you are subscribed to.

You can also visit other people’s profiles and subscribe to one of their lists.

If you’ve got quite a lot of accounts to organise then there’s a free tool you can use to bulk manage your lists – Twit List Manager.

A note about public and private Twitter lists:

  • A public Twitter list means anyone on Twitter can find and subscribe to your list. Whenever you add someone to your list then they will receive a Twitter notification to let them know, and they will be able to see they are a part of your list in the Member Of tab.
  • A private list is only accessible to you. Anybody you add to a private list will not be notified or become aware. If you’d like to use a private list, say for monitoring your competitors, remember to double-check it is private to avoid any embarrassment.

How to use Twitter lists to build relationships.

From here on, it’s all about creating good habits. So, every morning I look through my lists and like, retweet, read and engage. I do the same in the evenings.

Running a strong Twitter account is about the strength of the connections, not just the number. Click To Tweet

By doing this I’ve been able to keep in touch with people who I don’t see often and I’ve got to know new people who I haven’t met yet in person.

Like all social media, running a strong Twitter account is about the strength of the connections, not just the number. Keeping front of mind, for the right reasons, is what matters and Twitter lists can help you to do this with just a little effort each day.

The trick is creating the right lists and keeping the number of list members in each list small enough for you to manage.

Good luck creating your Twitter lists! It would be great to hear how you get on.

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