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How to write your marketing plan on just one page.

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June 5, 2107

Planning isn’t everyone’s favourite task, but it is proven to help you to get to where you want to go.

In this post we try to ease your marketing planning pain. We look at why your business needs a marketing plan and share our one page marketing plan template with you complete with guidance on how to complete it.

Let’s get started.

How can a marketing plan help my business?

If your business is small to medium sized you may share marketing tasks between a few colleagues and wonder why you need a marketing plan at all.

You might exhibit at an industry event or publish the occasional press release. You might also be on Twitter or send out a newsletter to your customers every once in a while.

When you fit marketing in where you can and turn the taps on and off as needed then your approach becomes piecemeal.

What’s wrong with that? It’s simply that you’re reacting to immediate needs and ideas without relating them back to what you’re trying to achieve.

So, you might not be spending your time and effort in the areas that would really make a difference and you’re probably not maintaining a steady flow of leads.

Plus, without a strategic approach, your marketing will probably fail to create a consistent experience for your customers and prospects. It’s this consistency that positions you as the right choice and keeps customers engaged.

This is where the value of a good marketing plan lies.

Marketing isn’t something you can switch on and off easily.

Consider your website – it’s always on.

If your news page hasn’t been updated in a few months it undoubtedly impacts on your credibility. Visitors may wonder if your business is as active as your competitors and even if you’re still operating. The same goes for your social media and your newsletters.

Please don’t go quiet on your customers!

How do I write a marketing plan?

There are lots of marketing templates on the internet. Some are full and in-depth and others offer a leaner approach, like our one page marketing plan.

One thing is certain. Your business and the environment you’re operating in will change over time so your plan needs to be detailed enough for you and your team to be clear on what you’re trying to achieve while offering flexibility for further down the line.

For a smaller business or a start-up, the one page marketing plan is enough to get you going. You can always supplement this with campaign plans and in-depth analysis but the first thing to do is get started.

Your marketing plan comes after your business plan so be sure to keep it to hand so that you can refer to it when you’re working on your one page marketing plan. Doing this will make it easier for you to tie your objectives back to your overall business plan and give you a clearer picture of what success looks like.

How can a one page marketing plan help?

Our one page marketing plan template will help you get the basics of your plan ironed out.

Use the template to document the whats and whys and as a tool to communicate these with your team. It even might be something that you do together. Try printing it out on A3 paper and sticking it on the office wall.

Our one page marketing plan may help you to identify a new unique selling point, understand your customers in a new way, stop spending money on marketing activities that aren’t delivering, and help you to identify new ways to market your business.

It will certainly help you to make more informed decisions about those last-minute advertising opportunities that come your way.

You’ll be able to scope out your marketing in just one page.

It still requires quite a bit of brain power so don’t be fooled by its size. But, it will be worth the effort as you quickly see what types of marketing activity will deliver for you, and which ones won’t.

Download my one page marketing plan.

The one page marketing plan template is designed with busy business owners in mind and comes complete with a guide to help you to complete it.

The template starts with your business and where you sit in the market place. It then takes you through to understanding what makes your customers tick and helps you to map the two together.

The result is a marketing plan aligned with both your customers’ needs and motivations, and your business objectives. Just want you need to do marketing that delivers!

Download your copy of the one page marketing plan here.

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